JE CENTER Research on Capacity Building for Governance and Development

JE Center Research on Capacity Building 4 Governance and Development provide consultancies in the field of the Governance and Development addressed to international organizations, non-governmental organizations, local governments and corporates entities.

Seminars, Round Tables, Panels, Conferences, Workshops

Fields of Research :

  • Global and Local Governance
  • Global Partnerships & PPP Public Private Partnerships
  • Non-state Actors and International Relations
  • Diplomacy and Public Private Relations
  • New Architecture of Global Development
  • Climate Change and Environmental Governance
  • Global Water Governance,
  • Global Health Governance
  • Global Education Governance
  • Public and Private Authority
  • Extractive Economies and Governance
  • Transparency and Advocacy
  • Global Norms
  • Multi-level Governance Stakeholders
  • Business 4 Development
  • Business 2 Business
  • Global Self-Regulations
  • Policy-making and Law-making
  • JE Research: Project : Governance and Power : the new global
  • interdependence between  Society and Authority. The project is an initiative of
  • JE Center for Governance and Development Studies