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  • AICC: African Institute of Corporate Citizenship: is an NGO that promote sustainable business practice in Africa, established in 2001, AICC aims to facilitate the competitiveness of countries, companies and communities through responsible business activity: AICC is a GRI Organisational Stakeholder (Global Reporting Initiative): AICC Office Johannesburg, AICC Office Malawi: http://www.aiccafrica.org/ > http://www.globalreporting.org/
  • ALLIANCE SUD: Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations: is the common platform for development policy by the six leading Swiss development organisations: Swissaid, Catholic Lenten Fund, Bread for all, Helvetas, Caritas and Interchurch Aid: Alliance Sud, Berne-Swizerland: http://www.alliancesud.ch/en
  • APPC Asian Pacific Philanthropy Consortium: is an independent association of grant making philanthropy institutions and organizations that support the growth and development of philanthropy sector: Secretariat: Quezon City-Philippines: http://www.asiapacificphilanthropy.org/
  • ATHGO: Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities: is an apolitical not for profit 501c3 non-governmental organization based in Los Angeles, California: with programs in the United States, Europe, and Asia: ICTs and High Tech, Environment and Energy: Partners: United Nations, Academic Institutions, Corporate Partners, International Institutions and Civil Societies: Global Forums, Internships, Associates programs http://www.athgo.org/
  • CBERN Canadian Business Ethics Research Network: CBERN aim to promote knowledge-sharing and partnerships within the field and across private, governmental, voluntary and academic sectors. Links with IGLOO and CIGI > think tanks > Governance, Business and HR, codes of conduct in the private sector: http://www.businessethicscanada.ca/
  • CDKN: Climate & Development Knowledge Network: Alliance, PWC; ODI; LEAD; INTRAC; FFLA: CDKN, Global, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa: CDKN, London-United Kingdom: http://cdkn.org
  • CECI: Centre d'Etude et de Coopération Internationale, société privé à but non lucratif: pauvreté et exclusion, droit humaines et équité, capacité de développement, recrutement pour la coopération internationale: Montreal (Québec) Canada : http://www.ceci.ca
  • CEDAG: European Council of Associations of General Interest: CEDAG is the European Platform for National Associations: 32 Non-Profit Umbrellas from 21 European Countries, NGO framework. Office: Bruxelles: http://www.cedag-eu.org/
  • CEDECE Association d´Études Européennes: Commission pour l´Étude des Communautés Européennes (liste de thinks tanks worldwide) : http://www.cedece.org
  • Center for Civic Partnerships: Sacramento-California: A trusted partner in Community Building and Organizational Development: http://www.civicpartnerships.org
  • Center for Global Development: CGDEV is a not-for-profit think tank that works to reduce global poverty and inequality: http://www.cgdev.org
  • CFF Centre Français des Fondations: Paris : fondations d’entreprise, fondations abritées, fondations de coopération scientifique, fondations universitaires : Annuaire des Fondations : Creer une fondation : les fondations en France : Fondations Europe et Monde: http://www.cf-fondations.fr
  • CFR: Council on Foreign Relations: is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank and publisher, founded in 1921: Magazine Foreign Affairs: CFR, Headquarters, New York and Washington DC: http://www.cfr.org/ > http://www.foreignaffairs.com/
  • CIGI: think tank: Addressing International Governance Challenges CIGI the Centre for International Governance Innovation: connect for Global Change: http://www.cigionline.org
  • CIVICUS & Civil Society Watch & PG exchange: World Alliance for Citizen Participation: http://www.civicus.org/ Civil Society Watch: interactive database, online platform: is an initiative of CIVICUS: Johannesburg-South Africa: http://www.cswatch.org/ > PG exchange
    Participatory Governance exchange, CIVICUS PG programme: is a global online platform: PG Exchange Toolkit: Johannesburg-South Africa: http://www.pgexchange.org/
  • CLIMATE EVAL: Sharing best practices on climate change an development evaluation: the GEF the Global Environment Facility Evaluation office-GEFEO developed Climate-Eval: http://www.esdevaluation.org/gefeo/
  • CLINGENDAEL Netherlands Institute of International Relations: think tank: conflict research unit, fragile state research, international actors: http://www.clingendael.nl
  • CMI: Chr. Michelsen Institute: is an independent centre for research on international development and policy: was founded in 1930, located in Bergen-Norway: Research, Rights, Democracy and Development; Poverty Reduction, Peace, Conflict and the State, Public Sector Reform: http://www.cmi.no/ > http://www.cmi.no/research/ > Bergen Resource Centre for International Development: http://www.resourcecentre.no/
  • CONCORD Sweden: Svenska & europeiska CSOs for global utveckling, Sverige/Sweden and European CSOs for global development, Sweden: is a NGO based in Stockholm, is the Swedish platform: 42 humanitarian and development organisations: CONCORD Sweden, secretariat Johanneshov/Stockholm-Sweden: http://www.concord.se/startEN.asp?lang=EN
  • Crisis Management Initiative: is Finnish, independent non-profit organisation that works to resolve conflicts and to build sustainable peace: headquarters Helsinki-Finland: http://www.cmi.fi/
  • Dalberg: is a strategic advisory firm specializing in international development and globalization: Global Development Advisors: Offices Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America: Copenhagen, Geneva Johannesburg, Mumbai, New York, Nairobi, San Francisco, Santiago, Washington DC: http://www.dalberg.com/
  • DEVDIR.ORG: DIRECTORY OF DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS: resource guide to development organizations and the internet: Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Oceania: http://www.devdir.org
  • Development Gateway: Country Gateway Network: 50 countries : Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe & Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa, East Asia & Pacific, South Asia : Gateway is an international nonprofit organization : Development Gateway started within the World Bank. It became an independent nonprofit, supported by gouvernments : Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Bavaria (Germany), North Rhine-Wesphalia (Germany) ; International Organizations : UNDP, UNFPA and World Bank ; Private Sectors and Individuals : The Honorable Michael Bloomberg, CSIS, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hewlett Foundation, IBM, Intel, Global Partners Bayern, Mac Holding, Microsoft, MPHASIS, T System ; Partners : Ford Program-Global Education Initative : Offices : Washington, Brussels : http://www.developmentgateway.org/
  • DIANET: dialogue for interaction, advocacy and networking capacity building in Southeast Europe (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro): is a project undertaken by the King Baudouin Foundation: http://www.dianet.org
  • Directory NGOs: Non Governmental Organizations NGOs Database United Nations Office at Geneva: http://www.unog.ch
  • EFC European Foundation Centre: established in 1989, EFC is an international association of foundations and corporate funders: independent, not-for-profit association: Brussels, Belgium: http://www.efc.be
  • EPC European Policy Centre: is an independent not-for-profit think tank committed to making European Integration: http://www.epc.eu
  • EthicsWorld : Business Ethics, Governance, Anti-Corruption: EthicsWorld is sponsored by the Vogl Foundation, Emily and Frank Vogl, Vogl Communications, Inc., EthicsWorld is independent-it operate as a not-for-profit website: Washington: http://www.ethicsworld.org
  • EURADA: European Association of Development Agencies: non-profit organisation, memberships, 150 regional development agencies from across the European Union: EURADA, Brussels, Belgium: http://www.eurada.org
  • EURODAD : European Network on Debt & Development: 59 non-governmental organisations NGOs from 18 European countries working on issues related to debt, development, finance and poverty reduction: aid effectiveness, conditionality: Brussels-Belgium: http://www.eurodad.org/
  • Fondation de France: a été créée en 1969 pour encourager le mécénat privé : organisation privé : http://www.fdf.org
  • Ford Foundation: (11.4 billion): promote: international cooperation, strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice: http://www.fordfound.org
  • FPRI Think Tank Directory: The Global Public Policy Research Organizations in the World: Foreign Policy Research Institute: http://thinktanks.fpri.org
  • FRIDE: Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior: European think tank for Global Action: Democracy and Human Rights Policies; Development Cooperation; Europe and the International System: FRIDE, Madrid-Spain: http://www.fride.org > FOROAOD: proyecto de FRIDE: http://foroaod.org/
  • Friends of Europe: is an independent, non-for-profit think-tank dedicated to fostering open discussion and stimulating new thinking on the issues facing Europe and its citizens: Brussels: partners and VIP members: Corporations, trade associations, NGOs, diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, academies, press and regional bodies: http://www.friendsofeurope.org/Home/tabid/454/Default.aspx
  • GBC / CAMA: Global Business Coalition: Advocacy, Partnerships, the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria: Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States: GBC Members global companies: GBCs offices: Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States: Beijing, Johannesburg, Moscow, Nairobi, New York, Paris: World headquarters, New York: http://www.gbcimpact.org > Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa CAMA: is a coalition of companies aimed at improving the impact of malaria control efforts in sub-Saharan Africa. CAMA activities are coordinated through the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS: http://www.gbcimpact.org/cama
  • GCH: The Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance, independent expert initiative: financing for Development Tools to mobilize private sector investment & enhance aid effectiveness: FfD Toolkit: GCH FfD Sponsors, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, United Nations Department of Economic and social Affairs: INFRADEV [Info-Exchange], New York: http://www.globalclearinghouse.org/
  • Global Citizens for Change: A joint Initiative of Canada’s volunteer cooperation agencies, voluntaries international: http://www.citizens4.org/en
  • Human Dynamics: think tank: was founded in 1993 in Vienna: work on governance, rule of law, public sector governance, good governance, market regulation & economic development, trade and private sector: training to public sector, public management in emerging markets and others around the world: central and eastern Europe, EU: http://www.humandynamics.org
  • ICCRF: Research Foundation: was established in 2009 by the International Chamber of Commerce ICC: ICCRF explores the interdependence of countries and their economies in a world linked increasingly by communications, trade, transportation, education and cultural exchange: ICC world business organization: http://www.iccwbo.org/iccrf/id30984/index.html
  • ICNL: the International Center for Not-for-profit Law:is an international not-for-profit organization that promotes an enabling legal environment for civil society, freedom of association, and public participation around the world: legal framework for civil society/NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe, law reform, PPP, good governance and accountability, public participation and advocacy: http://www.icnl.org
  • IGD Initiative for Global Development: Business leaders working to end poverty: founded in Seattle in 2003 by Bill Gates Sr., Dan Evans, Bill Ruckelshaus, Bill Clapp and John Shalikashvill, the organization has grown to an influential network of business leaders: IGD Seattle and Washington DC: http://www.igdleaders.org/
  • INESAD: Institute for Advanced Development Studies: independent development research: INESAD, la Paz-Bolivia: http://www.inesad.edu.bo/
  • International Society for Third-Sector Research: Baltimore, Maryland’s: http://www.istr.org
  • ISN International Relations and Security Network:: Natural Resources Extraction, Sustainable Development/Economic Development/Development, Governance, Oil, Poverty, Economic Cooperation, Politics. ISN is Think-tank, established in 1994, is an online project of the Center for Security Studies CSS at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: http://www.isn.ethz.ch
  • M D F: Management for Development Foundation: Netherlands Head Office: Branches: South Asia, Brussels, East & Southern Africa, Indochina, Afrique Central, Netherland, West Africa, Latin America, Western Balkan, Pacific Indonesia: member of ONEWORLD.nl: http://www.mdf.nl/ > http://www.oneworld.nl/
  • Markets working for the Poor: Centre for Social Markets: CEDAG is the European Platform for National Associations: 32 Non-Profit Umbrellas from 21 European Countries, NGO framework. Office: Bruxelles: http://www.cedag-eu.org/
  • NEF Network of European Foundations: a flexible not-for-profit international organisation located in Brussels, Belgium: http://www.nefic.org
  • NGLS: The non governmental liaison service: the NGLS handbook: all agencies of United Nations: http://www.un-ngls.org
  • NGO Café: The Global Development Research Center: The GDRC is an independent nonprofit think tank: knowledge resources: Research and development at the global level, education and training at the regional level, policy and programme development at the local level: http://www.gdrc.org/ngo/
  • NGO Directory: CHOIKE: a portal on Southern Civil Societies: CHOIKE is a project of the Instituto Tercer Mundo, NGOs, Montevideo, Uruguay: financing: HIVOS (Human Institute for Development Cooperation-Nederland’s: NGOs financing by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)) & Mott Foundation (The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is a private foundation based in Flint-Michigan): http://www.choike.org/nuevo_eng/links.html
  • NGO Voice: Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies: is a collective European NGO response to humanitarian crises: Members of network, 83 NGOs active in humanitarian aid worldwide: NGO Voice Secretariat, Brussels-Belgium: http://www.ngovoice.org
  • NGOVOICE : Voluntary Organisations in cooperation in emergencies > is a network representing 84 European non-governmental organisations in humanitarian aid worldwide: http://www.ngovoice.org
  • Nordic Consulting Group NCG: is a group of independent consulting companies specializing in international development cooperation, NCG was first established in Norway in 1985; subsequently in Denmark in 1989 and in Sweden in 1992: advisory services in international development cooperation in Africa, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East and Latin America: http://www.ncg.dk/ > http://www.ncg.dk/offices.asp
  • NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council: New York/Chicago: a powerful environmental group > 300 lawyers, 1.2 million members and online activists to protect the planet wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment > partnership for the Earth, Green Business : linked with Rockefeller Brothers Fund: http://www.nrdc.org
  • ODI: Overseas Development Institute: think tank : international development and humanitarian issues: headquarters, London: http://www.odi.org.uk
  • OXFAM International: is an international confederation of 14 organizations: Oxfam America, Oxfam Australia, Oxfam in Belgium, Oxfam France, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Germany, Oxfam Hong Kong, Oxfam Great Britain, Intermón Oxfam (Spain), Oxfam Ireland, Oxfam New Zealand, Oxfam Mexico, Oxfam Novib (Netherlands), Oxfam Québec; Oxfam Observer members: Oxfam India, Oxfam Italy, Oxfam Japan: Oxfam International Secretariat, Oxford-United Kingdom: http://www.oxfam.org/ > http://blogs.oxfam.org/
  • PUNTO.SUD: Non-profit foundation implementing projects worldwide in the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and migration: project: “Helpdesk platform and support to New Member States NMS Non State Actors/Local Authorities in the Development sector”, 2009 to 2011: the project is co-financed by the European Commission, the Czech Development Agency and Slovak Aid: information, methods and best practices on EuropeAid-grant contractual obligations of Non-State Actors and Local Authorities: Consultancy, Training: Headquarters, Punto.Sud, Milan-Italy: http://www.puntosud.org > http://www.puntosud.org/helpdesk-europeaid/doku.php/documents/trenino > http://www.puntosud.org/helpdesk-europeaid/doku.php
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund: Philanthropy for an interdependent world: civic initiatives: http://www.rbf.org
  • South Centre: an Intergovernmental organization, policy Think Tank, of developing countries established by an Intergovernmental Agreement (Treaty), which came into force in 1995: headquarters Geneva-Switzerland: Networks: South Regional & Sub-Regional Institutions and Grouping, South-South Cooperation: Global & Functional, South NGOs and NGOs Networks, UN & Other International Organizations, International INGOs Federations (with Southern & Northern member NGOs), North Institutions, Research Institutions by Continents: http://www.southcentre.org/ > http://www.southcentre.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=32
  • STWR: Share the World´s Resources: sustainable economics to end global poverty: think tank-non for profit organisation with Consultative Status at ECOSOC: influencing policy: Regions, United States of America-Latin America & Caribbean- Middle East- Africa- India, China & Asia: STWR, London-United Kingdom: http://www.stwr.org
  • The Development Executive Group : Companies and NGOs Directory (more than 15.000 development companies and non-profits from around the World:(Washington): http://www.devex.com
  • The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation: (2.1 billion): the world’s largest foundations in the United States devoted to entrepreneurship: http://www.kauffman.org
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation : 7 (billion) Program on Global Security and Sustainability, Program on Human and Community Development: independent foundation: http://www.macfound.org
  • The King Baudouin Foundation: working together for a better society: is a independent and pluralist foundation: is a public benefit foundation: sustainable, justice, democracy and respect for diversity: http://www.kbs-frb.be
  • The North-South Institute/L'Institut Nord-Sud: INS effectue des recherches et des analyses sur la politique étrangère et les questions de développement international : http://www.nsi-ins.ca
  • Transatlantic Community Foundation-Network: think tank: created in 1999 by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, with the support and advice of the CS Mott Foundation: Belgique: http://www.tcfn.efc.be
  • TTCSP: McGann, J., G., 2010, the Global ‘Go-to Think Tanks’ The leading Public Policy Research Organizations in the World: TTCSP, the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania: http://repository.upenn.edu/think_tanks/ > http://www.gotothinktank.com/ > McGann, J., Sabatini, R., 2010, Global Think Tanks: Policy Network and Governance, Routledge (Collection Global Institutions)
  • WFUNA: World Federation of United Nations Associations: New York Office and Geneva Office: was created in 1946 –one year after the establishment of the United Nations: WFUNA is a global network, independent, non-governmental organization with Category One Consultative Status at the ECOSOC and consultative or liaison with many other UN organizations and agencies: http://www.wfuna.org/
  • WOTRO Science for Global Development: the aim of WOTRO is to contribute to a world in which independent scientific-knowledge is available for the benefit of all societies: http://www.nwo.nl